There’s great potential hidden in every workplace.

When we’re able to better understand our organizations and build a culture of engagement, the benefits include:

Potential Safety incidents Productivity -48 % +21 % Quality incidents Profitability -41 % +22 % Absenteeism Employee engagement -37 % +25 %

Better company culture,
better employee engagement.

What is employee engagement?

Engaged employees are those with a personal connection with a company and its success, and they’ll go the extra mile to achieve it.

What's the problem?

Employees that are not engaged lack motivation and are not only less productive, but also spread negativity to coworkers.

How big is the problem?

Unfortunately, studies show that a lack of engagement is the norm, with only 15% of employees worldwide being engaged at work.*

How can kununu engage help?

kununu engage helps by measuring important dimensions of company culture and shows you what employees already like and what can be improved. A healthy company culture leads to increased employee engagement, while improving the success of the whole organization.