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Highly engaged teams have 37% fewer sick days and 20% higher productivity. kununu engage is the employee engagement platform that delivers the insights you need to become a better leader and move your team forward.

Our continuous approach to employee feedback provides you with a detailed look into the entire organisation and your team, in real-time. Learn what is driving engagement, drill down into issues and identify areas for improvement to drive positive change.

Track the performance of your initiatives over time and build a culture that is the key to long-term success for you and your team.

See how it works!

  • Increase employee retention

    Organizations report between 25% and 65% lower attrition rates with improved employee engagement.

  • Decrease absenteeism

    Research shows that engagement decreases the rates of absenteeism up to 37%.

  • Real-time insights

    Measure engagement and track the success of your initiatives immediately with our real-time dashboard.

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kununu is the biggest employer review and rating platform in Europe. With our experience, we’ve created kununu engage: A platform to promote employee engagement in your whole company.

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