Mood Survey

Our fully automated Mood Survey samples the general mood of the company and functions as an early warning system by showing mood changes in real-time. The scores and comments are anonymous and visible to everyone in the company to deliver valuable feedback to you and your team.


Our anonymous discussion board enables employees to voice their ideas, questions, or whatever is on their minds, while facilitating discussions around them. Topics helps to make the invisible visible and generate ideas on how to improve the organization and the experience for everyone working in it.


kununu engage organizes and displays data in a clear way to help you identify what is working or not working in your teams. Quickly discover any relevant problems in your company and act on insights to create a great place to work.


Use Benchmarking to see where you stand in your industry. By making use of the kununu platform, you can better understand the success of your company culture initiatives by comparing your data and scores with similar workplaces.

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