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The best decisions about company strategy need data and analysis just the same as those about team and culture. Why trust your company culture to your gut, if you can make an informed plan of action?

kununu engage lets you learn what is driving engagement, drill down into issues, identify areas for improvement, and track the performance of your initiatives over time so you can enact effective programs for employee engagement and sustained success.

Engaged employees go the extra mile for your company, leading to productivity and profitability gains of nearly 21%. Make the most of data and insights to drive the best decisions for a strong company culture, and with it, the key to long term success for you and your company.

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  • Increase employee retention

    Organizations report between 25% and 65% lower attrition rates with improved employee engagement.

  • Real-time insights

    Measure engagement and track the success of your initiatives immediately with our real-time dashboard.

  • Increase productivity
    and profitability

    Engaged employees have the drive to work hard for company success, increasing productivity and profitability by up to 21%.

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kununu is the biggest employer review and rating platform in Europe. With our experience, we’ve created kununu engage: A platform to promote employee engagement in your whole company.

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