How kununu engage helps

At kununu engage, we believe that everybody should feel valued, excited, and connected at work. After all, we spend more time at work than anywhere else.

To achieve this, our goal is to make workplaces more engaging by establishing a feedback culture that gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to positively transform your work life.

Our platform allows you to safely express your feelings, questions, and suggestions, so you and the leadership team can work together to improve your company culture.

See how it works!

  • Increase employee retention

    Organizations report between 25% and 65% lower attrition rates with improved employee engagement.

  • Decrease absenteeism

    Research shows that engagement decreases the rates of absenteeism up to 37%.

  • Real-time insights

    Measure engagement and track the success of your initiatives immediately with our real-time dashboard.

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kununu is the biggest employer review and rating platform in Europe. With our experience, we’ve created kununu engage: A platform to promote employee engagement in your whole company.

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