How kununu engage helps


With just a few clicks, kununu engage enables you and your colleagues to easily and anonymously share feedback about your satisfaction with the job, specific projects, or other important matters.


You can also anonymously post ideas or address problems that all your colleagues can see, interact with, and support through direct comments and up and downvoting.


With the survey report, problems and concerns are made visible to everyone. Together with your supervisor or management, you can address these and put effective changes in motion.
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The employee advantages:

  • Share ideas, opinions, and emotions

    Your voice matters. Use it to get involved, share ideas, and speak your mind.

  • Full transparency

    Find out how your colleagues feel and see if you have similar ideas, passions, or problems.

  • Shape your company culture

    Use your ideas and opinions to create a transparent workplace environment and help build a healthy company culture.

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