5 Free Ways to Change Your Company Culture Now

  • AJ
  • January 7, 2018
  • 5 min

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly changeƒchan your company culture without spending a single cent in the process? Of course, it would, and it’s completely within reach.

You would think that since many steps to cultivate employee satisfaction are free, everybody would be doing them. But apparently not. Even though many measures to change company culture come at no cost, many companies still neglect them. Sometimes they just aren’t aware of effective and cost-free changes. Other times, they feel that only spending money can make a genuine difference.

However, as the old saying goes, “the best things in life are free” and it applies to workplace management just as well. Here are five ways you can change company culture without any extra investment.

#1 — Encourage Remote Working

Allowing employees to work from home (or coffee shops) can really boost their satisfaction and productivity, particularly if they are parents who appreciate the convenience needed to juggle raising a child and work. Younger workers are also more attracted to companies that offer remote working.

Don’t be afraid to make it easier to work from home. According to a Gallup survey, around 43% of American workers report working at least one day per week at home, so you’d be far from alone giving it a try. The benefits can be massive.

#2 — Customize the Workplace to Give More Autonomy

Basic human psychology tells us that when workers feel like are involved in shaping their workplace and working conditions, they tend to enjoy their work. And this enjoyment leads to higher productivity.

If you run the kind of office where every cubicle is featureless and bland, it may be worthwhile to encourage employees to bring personal effects like plants, posters, or photos of their family. If your work style allows, you could even try reorganizing the office to make it more communal. Letting employees feel at home in the workplace is an excellent way to foster autonomy, build team morale, and increase output.

Some companies, such as Nestle, are even experimenting with allowing pets in the office, but you’ll have to decide if that’s right for you.

#3 — Reward and Recognize Employee Contributions

Although saying “thank you” costs nothing, few managers and team leads systematically reward employees for their efforts. It helps employees to know that their work is appreciated and valued. You can go beyond clichéd “employee of the month” schemes through using anything from online vouchers to workplace events, but it’s always important to connect rewards to appreciation of employee effort, in order to really connect them to team and mission. Above all, face to face meetings with employees are excellent opportunities to give praise and provide valuable feedback.

#4 — Be Proactive About Supplying Feedback

Productive and engaged workers value feedback from their employers. They prize actionable advice and thoughtful insights about how to improve their performance — be it excellent or subpar. Make sure your feedback is respectful, regular, and goes both ways, so you can spot problems early, help your employees improve, and learn from them, as well.

#5 — Align Different Departments to Achieve Company Goals

You can also boost satisfaction by encouraging finance, HR, marketing, sales, and other key departments to collaborate efficiently. Bring employees together with informal events, where staff can easily get to know each other. Understanding other departments and workplace friendships both drive productivity and engagement.

Back Up These Ideas With the Appropriate Technology

To make the most of these methods, it makes sense to routinize employee feedback. Digital tools such as kununu engage can help you do this. They enable you to open up communication, gather weekly employee feedback and ideas, and track company mood in real time. This all helps you find trends in your company culture to make the informed actions your workplace needs.

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kununu engage is an application that allows you and your entire company to share continuous and anonymous feedback about what working in the company is like. This insight and transparency can help a company function better and build a stronger company culture.