How To Perfect Feedback At Work with Psychology

Some say effective feedback at work is less of a science and more of an art. But that doesn’t mean that science shouldn’t inform your feedback craft. Psychology provides essential insights into how the human mind works, and since employees are human, these insights have recently been turned to the workplace. To help you understand […]

“Hands Off!” of These 5 Common Leadership Mistakes in 2020

2020. Another year and another chance to start (or re-start) your leadership on the right foot. Every new beginning means we can learn not only from what worked but also from what didn’t go as planned. To help out, we asked a few experts which strategies did more harm than good in 2020. Read on […]

10 Leadership Concepts You Should Watch In 2020 (From 10 Experts)

Your team’s productivity starts with you and your leadership concepts. As a leader, you need all the best ideas to stay on top of employee expectations and workplace demands. To keep your leadership honed for the new and increasingly digital workplace, we asked 10 experts for their take on the essential leadership concepts for 2020. […]

10 Golden Rules to Give (& Receive) Feedback at Work

Workplace feedback isn’t a box of chocolates but more like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. You never know what you’re going to get and you may not like it. Despite the challenges, though, feedback at work is incredibly beneficial, and that makes it essential to learn how to give and get it. We’ll discuss the […]

How to Negotiate Salary as an Employer (and Stop Losing Talent)

Every negotiation goes 2 ways and especially so with salary negotiations. Employers negotiate salary not just to save money, but to get the best talent, make sure employees are engaged from the beginning, and to prevent turnover. We’ll cover the best strategies to negotiate salary as an employer, detail common challenges and pitfalls to avoid, […]

Top Company Values, Visualized: Expert and Data-Curated Values That Work

What guides the actions of your company and team? Why do employees choose to go the extra mile or to cut corners? The easy answer is core values. Company values are essential for every workplace. They give motivational purpose to actions and guide decisions that benefit the bottom line. We’ll discuss the importance of values […]

How to Interview Like a Boss: A Guide To Better Job Candidate Interviews

You can feel the stress in the air: the waiting, anticipating, reviewing your notes. This decision is important, it’ll change your future. And that’s not just what the job candidate feels, but the interviewer as well. But it doesn’t have to be like this. To make the right decision for your company and team, its […]

How Employee Development Inspires Minds, Talent, and Success

.A company is only as strong as its people. There is more than a grain of truth to this wisdom. For employers that want staff that is motivated and ready for the future, there is no better way than to invest in their people with a well-implemented employee development strategy. Read on to discover the […]

The Essentials of Culture Fit Hiring and Interviews

Finding the right culture fit is like walking a tight rope between too much uniformity and too little harmony. Employees need not only the right talents and mindset but also diverse and unique perspectives to make the workplace stronger. Where’s the right balance? We’ll help you find it by covering the complexities of culture fit […]

Understanding and Applying People Analytics

People analytics signals a big change in how businesses handle HR-related issues and interest is growing due to the clear improvements it offers for employee engagement, retention, and overall company success. In this article, we’ll discuss what people analytics is, why it’s important and key takeaways to get the most out of it.


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