Internal Branding & EVP: How to Build Employer Brand from the Inside

Your employer brand isn’t a one-way street, it’s a multi-lane highway. How your employees view your company and their workplace strongly impacts how they do their jobs and your brand. Do you know how your employees feel? We’ll help you find out by discussing internal branding, why you need an employee value proposition, and highlight […]

How to Negotiate Salary as an Employer (and Stop Losing Talent)

Every negotiation goes 2 ways and especially so with salary negotiations. Employers negotiate salary not just to save money, but to get the best talent, make sure employees are engaged from the beginning, and to prevent turnover. We’ll cover the best strategies to negotiate salary as an employer, detail common challenges and pitfalls to avoid, […]

How to Interview Like a Boss: A Guide To Better Job Candidate Interviews

You can feel the stress in the air: the waiting, anticipating, reviewing your notes. This decision is important, it’ll change your future. And that’s not just what the job candidate feels, but the interviewer as well. But it doesn’t have to be like this. To make the right decision for your company and team, its […]

Understanding and Applying People Analytics

People analytics signals a big change in how businesses handle HR-related issues and interest is growing due to the clear improvements it offers for employee engagement, retention, and overall company success. In this article, we’ll discuss what people analytics is, why it’s important and key takeaways to get the most out of it.

Employee Engagement From Personal Conviction

When we at kununu engage speak about employee engagement, we think of it a little like a painter in pursuit of formal perfection. For them, a “looks good” would be just as unsatisfactory as a “mostly engaged” employee is for us. But what is the secret to employee engagement? A piece of the puzzle comes […]

Why Your Best Employees Want to Quit

A study by the Work Institute has once again shown what many already knew: If you want to keep your best employees, focusing on employee well-being and workplace atmosphere make a big difference. A strong feedback culture gives companies the edge in retaining top talent.

Growing Workplace Results Through Employee Experience

Proving integral to building a more productive workplace, Employee Experience has become a promising focus for HR, managers, and executives alike. Often overlooked, it encompasses many things that are regularly confused with Employee Engagement; mood, atmosphere, interactions, and environment, to name a few.

Employee Feedback: A Short Guide

Strong company culture and active engagement begin with the relationship between manager and employee. In this pursuit of the perfect balance, employee feedback is a critical component, and many leaders don’t deliver the right feedback at the right time to produce the desired results. So what is meaningful feedback, and how can you best harness […]

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Employee Retention and How to Improve It

A company without talent is like a pie without filling. It leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Poor employee retention and turnover cost employers money and make companies less attractive while causing employees endless stress. Luckily, changing your approach to the workplace makes a big difference. We’ll discuss what drives turnover and retention, how […]


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