Study: Investing in Employee Engagement Pays Off

They are invested, forward thinking, self-starting, responsible, and go the extra mile. Engaged employees constitute one of the most import factors for company success and recent studies confirm that they lead to profitability and productivity.

A Short Guide on Disengaged Employees

Revenue, planning, budgeting, profits, measurements, expenses, and financial metrics. These are all familiar terms to business leaders and CEO’s. Yet, underlying all of these factors of company success is an essential foundation that is often overlooked: Employee engagement.

Employee Feedback: A Short Guide

Strong company culture and active engagement begin with the relationship between manager and employee. In this pursuit of the perfect balance, employee feedback is a critical component, and many leaders don’t deliver the right feedback at the right time to produce the desired results. So what is meaningful feedback, and how can you best harness […]

The Ultimate Guide To Employee Onboarding

Giving employees the right start benefits the workplace and new team members. Effective employee onboarding provides new team members with a direct spring into their new job; increasing retention, productivity, and accelerating the learning curve. We’ll discuss why onboarding matters, ways to do it right, and provide key takeaways to quickly bring new team members […]

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Employee Retention and How to Improve It

A company without talent is like a pie without filling. It leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Poor employee retention and turnover cost employers money and make companies less attractive while causing employees endless stress. Luckily, changing your approach to the workplace makes a big difference. We’ll discuss what drives turnover and retention, how […]

What is Employee Burnout and How to Deal With It

Hiding in the dark corners of every business are the germs of a looming problem: Employee burnout. Overworked and overstressed employees quickly become disengaged employees, leading to less productivity and spreading negativity in the workplace. We’ll define employee burnout, discuss ways to recognize and address it, and provide key takeaways to stem the tide of […]

Why is Company Culture Important?

Culture, as a term, has become ubiquitous, appearing in academic journals, media, and as Merriam Webster’s “Word of the Year” 2014. But as the Bard says: “Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” What does it mean to have company culture, and how does it help an organization?


kununu engage is an application that allows you and your entire company to share continuous and anonymous feedback about what working in the company is like. This insight and transparency can help a company function better and build a stronger company culture.