10 Golden Rules to Give (& Receive) Feedback at Work

Workplace feedback isn’t a box of chocolates but more like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. You never know what you’re going to get and you may not like it. Despite the challenges, though, feedback at work is incredibly beneficial, and that makes it essential to learn how to give and get it. We’ll discuss the […]

The Essentials of Culture Fit Hiring and Interviews

Great company culture means fitting all the right workplace pieces together and culture fit practices make it possible. Employees need not only the right talents, but the right mindset to be productive and innovative. But, like any puzzle, diverse and unique pieces make a workplace strong. Read on to find out about culture fit hiring, […]

The U.S. Cities With The Most Engaged Employees

Boston, 02-28-2019. Research from feedback & culture analytics platform kununu engage reveals Los Angeles, California has the most engaged employees.

Employee Engagement From Personal Conviction

When we at kununu engage speak about employee engagement, we think of it a little like a painter in pursuit of formal perfection. For them, a “looks good” would be just as unsatisfactory as a “mostly engaged” employee is for us. But what is the secret to employee engagement? A piece of the puzzle comes […]

How To Manage The Different Needs of Extroverts & Introverts At Work

Unique is every member of the workplace, with their own needs, wants, and motivations. No manager can adapt to every individual quirk, but there are general personality categories that make individualized leading easier: Extroverts and introverts. The differences between extroverts and introverts change how you approach an employee, the jobs they excel at, and the […]

Using Constructive Criticism in the Workplace

Constructive criticism in the workplace is complicated. Too direct and your employees will become defensive, too subtle and they won’t recognize what needs to be improved. Walking this psychological and social tightrope takes finesse and strategy, but with the right steps, it’s easy to aid employee improvement and make a better workplace. Read on to […]

How to Combat Workplace Negativity

It starts with a spark then spreads through the office. Uncontained workplace negativity can quickly grow out of control and cause a loss of productivity, profits, and increased disengagement. Read on to find out the signs of negativity, ways to counter them, and key takeaways to make a more productive and engaged team.

Female Empowerment in the Workplace

Women hold revolutionary potential for the workplace. Their insights power new ideas, and their perspectives build strong, profitable companies. But despite this, women are still underrepresented in the workforce. It’s no wonder that interest in female empowerment and women’s advancement are at an all-time high. Read on to find out more about the state of […]

Good Manager Guide: The Way to Success In The First 100 Days & Beyond

You’re finally there. The next step of your career: The manager’s chair. But now the challenge really begins. Whether you clawed your way up from team to top or were employed from outside, the first 100 days can make or break your tenure as manager. We’ll discuss the manager’s role in the office, which expectations […]

Study: Investing in Employee Engagement Pays Off

They are invested, forward thinking, self-starting, responsible, and go the extra mile. Engaged employees constitute one of the most import factors for company success and recent studies confirm that they lead to profitability and productivity.


kununu engage is an application that allows you and your entire company to share continuous and anonymous feedback about what working in the company is like. This insight and transparency can help a company function better and build a stronger company culture.

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