Anatomy of Great One-On-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are one of the most important tools you have to check the pulse of your office. While employees can often become fatigued as a result of seemingly endless meetings, some of them are absolutely indispensable and none more so than the one-on-one. Read on to discover the advantages of one-on-ones and key takeaways […]

Beyond KPIs: The 7 Dimensions of Company Culture

It’s common knowledge that great company culture is a necessity for today’s work world, but what makes your company culture tick and how do you measure it? To fine-tune all the moving parts of the workplace, you need to first know what they are and what they do. Read on to learn about measurable and […]

Great Workplace Traits for the Future and Now

A great workplace is more than furniture and walls, it’s a system, a style, and a culture. To create the right conditions for productivity and engagement, not only technology and design must be taken into account, but feedback and work-life balance. Read on to find out more about effective physical and cultural elements in a […]

Change Management: Definition and Tips for Success

The business world is in perpetual motion and complacency is a sure way to lose the race. Companies big and small must always invent and reinvent themselves to stay competitive. The problem is: Most change management projects fail. We’ll discuss what change management means, tips for success, and key takeaways to make change and growth […]

How to Combat Workplace Negativity

It starts with a spark then spreads through the office. Uncontained workplace negativity can quickly grow out of control and cause a loss of productivity, profits, and increased disengagement. Read on to find out the signs of negativity, ways to counter them, and key takeaways to make a more productive and engaged team.

Female Empowerment in the Workplace

Women hold revolutionary potential for the workplace. Their insights power new ideas, and their perspectives build strong, profitable companies. But despite this, women are still underrepresented in the workforce. It’s no wonder that interest in female empowerment and women’s advancement are at an all-time high. Read on to find out more about the state of […]

Emerging HR Trends 2019

For the new year, technology once again promises to change the landscape of recruiting and people management, while new ideas of team building offer a transformative influence on companies and workplaces. We’ll take a look ahead and see the top 6 most promising HR trends 2019 and show you some of the ways they can […]

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Benefits for People and Business

It’s rare today to see a company without some form of workplace diversity and inclusion program. But these terms are no longer your grandparent’s definitions. They have evolved and the growing millennial workforce has revolutionized how inclusion and new perspectives can improve productivity and profitability.

(Time) Killer Meetings: The Hard Reality and Tips for Improving

  A wise coffee cup once said “life is too short for long meetings,” and honestly, who hasn’t sat in a meeting and felt out of place, bored out of their minds, or simply annoyed by the endless, unproductive discussions?

The Digital Feedback Revolution

Digital is better, and that counts for daily life and in the workplace. But if you’re afraid that our robot overlords will completely take over your meetings and one on ones with your team, think again. Technology is a great help for feedback measures and strategies, but they are still driven by leaders and managers. […]


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