“Hands Off!” of These 5 Common Leadership Mistakes in 2020

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  • January 16, 2020
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2020. Another year and another chance to start (or re-start) your leadership on the right foot. Every new beginning means we can learn not only from what worked but also from what didn’t go as planned. To help out, we asked a few experts which strategies did more harm than good in 2020. Read on to find the 5 things you should resolve to leave out of your management this year.

To Err Is Human…

Leading a team is not an exact science. Every employee needs a little something different. In the pursuit of this perfect balance, managers flip through books and burn through webpages looking for what could provide that edge. Of course, on the way, some things just don’t work, and just like any good science experiment, the failures are just as important for learning and growing.

Indeed, admitting to and learning from your mistakes is itself an area where many managers could improve. Even better is learning from the mistakes of others (gain without the pain, amirite?) To find more of these, we talked to different experts in various industries to see what they viewed as the 5 leadership mistakes and strategies that should be left behind in 2020. Experience is the best teacher, after all. Check out their 5 leadership mistakes to forget in 2020 in the slideshow below.

5 Leadership Mistakes to Stop in 2020

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(Thanks to: RafflePress, Scott Asai, Jan Spence, Julieanne O’Connor, and GoodLife Home Loans for their contribution)

To Learn From It, Divine.

Whether you see yourself in some of these common mistakes or not, there is always room to improve. And to improve, you have to face your mistakes head-on, learn from them, and apply new strategies. Maybe you’re micromanaging more than you realize, driving down engagement and motivation? Or you’re not giving employees room to express their ideas, holding back innovation and that competitive edge? These realizations can only come to your attention with a little self-reflection, and even better, feedback.

Resolve this year to make the best out of yourself and your team by recognizing and learning from your mistakes, and encouraging your employees to do the same.

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