Management Style and Successful Leadership: A Short Guide

A leader needs a team, and successful leadership means choosing the best management style. But how can you find the right way to lead employees and help them contribute to company goals? To help guide your search, we did a bit of digging and collected the best-known leadership styles.

How to Combat Workplace Negativity

It starts with a spark then spreads through the office. Uncontained workplace negativity can quickly grow out of control and cause a loss of productivity, profits, and increased disengagement. Read on to find out the signs of negativity, ways to counter them, and key takeaways to make a more productive and engaged team.

Female Empowerment in the Workplace

Women hold revolutionary potential for the workplace. Their insights power new ideas, and their perspectives build strong, profitable companies. But despite this, women are still underrepresented in the workforce. It’s no wonder that interest in female empowerment and women’s advancement are at an all-time high. Read on to find out more about the state of […]

Good Manager Guide: The First 100 Days

You’re finally there. The next step of your career: The manager’s chair. But now the challenge really begins. Whether you clawed your way up from team to top, or were employed from outside, the first 100 days can make or break your tenure as manager. We’ll discuss the manager’s role in the office, which expectations […]

Study: Investing in Employee Engagement Pays Off

They are invested, forward thinking, self-starting, responsible, and go the extra mile. Engaged employees constitute one of the most import factors for company success and recent studies confirm that they lead to profitability and productivity.

Emerging HR Trends 2019

For the new year, technology once again promises to change the landscape of recruiting and people management, while new ideas of team building offer a transformative influence on companies and workplaces. We’ll take a look ahead and see the top 6 most promising HR trends 2019 and show you some of the ways they can […]

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Benefits for People and Business

It’s rare today to see a company without some form of workplace diversity and inclusion program. But these terms are no longer your grandparent’s definitions. They have evolved and the growing millennial workforce has revolutionized how inclusion and new perspectives can improve productivity and profitability.

Why Your Best Employees Want to Quit

A study by the Work Institute has once again shown what many already knew: If you want to keep your best employees, focusing on employee well-being and workplace atmosphere make a big difference. A strong feedback culture gives companies the edge in retaining top talent.

(Time) Killer Meetings: The Hard Reality and Tips for Improving

  A wise coffee cup once said “life is too short for long meetings,” and honestly, who hasn’t sat in a meeting and felt out of place, bored out of their minds, or simply annoyed by the endless, unproductive discussions?

Leadership Style: Agile vs Micromanagement

What kind of leadership style motivates your team, promotes culture, and builds employee engagement? We’ll compare 2 styles next each other, to lay out the reasons why the future belongs to agile management, and show micromanagers tips to break the cycle of excessive control.


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